Mickey Mozart's Birthday || Photoshoot & Cake!

I can't believe the little baby I held in my arms last April is now one!! We were hoping for a May birthday last year, (he was due the 3rd) since we already have an April birthday in our house, but nope! He couldn't wait one day longer, so he was born on the 30th...of April. 😛 So technically we have a May birthday...well almost May, but not quite. 😉

He had a wonderful 1st birthday, and I took a bunch of pictures of him in the playroom for a little photoshoot to start off. (Hence the colorful background!) 🌈

He didn't mind the click click click of the camera... I'm sure he's quite used to it now. 😊

He likes to dump out EVERYTHING in his reach now days, including the book cubbies! 📚

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that we all get a cake in our house for our birthdays. Our special cake that we only get to decide. Well, for Mickey Mozart's cake Mom got to decide what it was. 🎂  She got the idea of off Pinterest  (of course!!) and it was actually one of the EASIEST cakes she's ever done. All she needed was a construction toy truck, traffic cone candles, chocolate rocks, and a CAKE!!

The chunk taken out of the cake (to make it look like a construction site) was just straight hands-on work. 😊  Maybe Mom should've gotten a bulldozer to do it, hence the party theme... 👷  🚧  🏗

Sorry for the clutter in the background! 😜

First bite!!

"Hmm... yummy..."


My Grandparents came over for dinner, cake, ice cream, and presents, and then Pete, A, Pumpkin Spice, Raggedy Ann, Blue Eyes, and I all put on a Disney singing show in honor of MM's birthday which was TONS of fun, and we even sang "Belle," from Beauty and The Beast!! (also tons of fun!)  🎤 ♫

The pictures in the graph at the very top are almost all mine, except a couple, which of course, Dad took. 😍  In case you're wondering, the very bottom center one was his Halloween costume, which was an Ewok from Star Wars. 😀

All in all, he had a wonderful birthday, and we're all very blessed to have this little boy in our arms.

Have you celebrated any birthdays in your house lately?
Did you like the cake?

Hadassah <3


  1. Aww. Happy Birthday, Mickey Mozart!!! He's is so cute!! Luv the pic with cake all over his face!

    <3 Caroline

  2. Love the cake... but most especially, LOVE THE ADORABLE CHUBBY BABY! My brothers and I all agree that Mickey Mozart is simply the CUTEST little chub. I'm so very glad that he had such a happy birthday (how could he help it being surrounded by so many loving family members? :). I can't wait to see him (and all of you) again! **Hugs!**

    In Christ,


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