My Favorite || Through-The-Season Pictures

Hmm... my favorite pictures that I've taken through the months... or seasons, would have to be pictures of things that I take all the time. You've probably noticed that I like to take pictures of cats, since living on a farm can always end up having a lot of them. 🙂

The two above are of our cat, Twilight, as a kitten, and then as a mother (about a year and a half later) You'll notice her eyes changed color a bit, and she ripped her ear in a raccoon fight, sadly. 😧

And the two pictures above are the same tree, but left is taken in the spring, and the right is fall. Seasons are always fun to take pictures of, especially with trees, since they change so much. Now I'll just have to get that tree in summer and winter!

People, I guess I'm trying to say. But especially babies. This is Mickey Mozart as a newborn, and then as an almost one-year old. People change so much in their years, and I would have to say babies grow the much in a matter of months!

Can't you tell I'm a lover of animals? (and nature, as I like to point out!) Besides babies, chickens can grow feathers in the matter of days! Chickens grow so fast; it's crazy!
We got our chicks in March, and they are almost full-grown already! Now I would have to say they're "teenagers," but we'll be getting eggs from them soon! 🐥

On a different note, change, I know is hard for a lot of people. For me, I'm a pretty good sport about it. In fact, I sometimes love change! But change is different for everyone. I have lost some one I love, I have moved to a different state, and I am turning 13 at the end of the year! (an almost teenager here!!) But I haven't moved out of the country or lost my home in a fire, but I have done hard things. Right now, life is pretty good for me, just in case you're worried I'm about to do something tragic. 😋

I thought I'd just make a point on how people deal with different things.

How do you cope with change?
Hadassah <3


  1. It's so neat to look back and see how things have changed over the months or years. Time really does fly!

  2. Ohhhh, change... *sighhhh* I cope with change the same way I cope with anything: trust God and count my blessings! Thank you for the lovely post, Hadassah! <3

    In Christ,


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