Neighbor's Horses || Long-Lens Photos 2017

Hi ya'll!

Doesn't everyone love horses? I know I do. If you've been following the blog for awhile, you know that I did a post on my neighbor's horses back in 2016.  And I think it's only fitting that I did this post, since Saturday was the annual Kentucky Derby here in the U.S. 🏇

This time, I used a long lens, which makes waay better photos, then my old lens I used to use. It was a zoom lens, but it didn't couldn't do the close-in shots as I wanted to do on Sunday. (The better lens was the same lens I used to take pictures of the moon a couple months ago)

Here's Mary Estelle, the horse who had cancer two years ago in her knees. She was so young, and they didn't want to lose her, so they paid for the surgery... but she'll never race again. She is very sweet and was named after our neighbor's aunt.

This old boy is was a race horse, and is now very old. His race name was "Grand Circuit," and he really fits the name. He is very sweet as well, but you can see now how old he is.

I haven't heard the story on this horse, but I believe our neighbor is training it to be a race horse. (That's his job) He is very wild, and really has a, um, "horse attitude." 😜

Oh, and you do have to be careful. One sharp move or loud noise, and they take off running. I was trying to be as quiet as I could, but I had my little siblings behind me, and they weren't being... "as quiet" as they could. 😝

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures as I did taking pictures of them! It was pretty nice yesterday, except a strong wind which made it hard to take pictures + using a really heavy lens. That's the only thing about using a long lens like mine, it's exteremely heavy. 😁

Do you like horses?
Did you see The Kentucky Derby? 

Hadassah <3


  1. I love horses and I also love those pictures!!
    You are SO lucky to live right next to a horse farm!


  2. Oh Dassah!!! This might be my favorite post yet!! I LOVE HORSES!!!! Awesome Pics!!!
    <3 Caroline

  3. Thank you you two!! Yes, I AM very lucky to live next to so pretty horses! I love horses, but sadly, I haven't ridden one yet. :(

    But I hope to one day work at the farm, because, hey, who doesn't love working with horses? :)

    Hadassah <3

  4. It would be so cool to work at a horse farm!!!
    (But working with horses is a whole lot harder then it looks and seems like;)


  5. Horses are just so majestic, aren't they? My favorite pictures were #7 & #8. I think they are especially amazing. Our neighbors have two horses and I get to see them when I go on walks past their house. They add SO MUCH to a scenic landscape - and they're so fun to ride! I really hope that you get the chance to one day, Hadassah-dear!

    In Christ,
    Geneva <3

  6. GAH!!!! HORSES ARE THE BEST!!! Such beautiful shots!


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