Photography Highlights || May!

Yes, I know. It's already 15 days INTO May and I'm just now posting this! Gah, by the time it's December I'll be working on June's Edition!

If you're a newer reader, I do these pretty much every month, and really it's just photos that I link to, because I love them. (Or photo websites, etc.)

I hope this post inspired you!! I also have some big news *drum roll* ... I am shooting at my cousin's wedding in Illinois, this August! I am just helping out, no pay or anything, but I will be so excited to use my 50mm and get all those gorgeous details! It will be my first wedding with my camera, but I am not nervous at all- actually really EXCITED! 😊

Did you enjoy these links? :)

Hadassah <3


  1. Congrats to your cousin! Hope you have a fun time at the wedding and do show us some pics when you get back!

  2. So we will get to see you in August!?!?!? That would be so exciting!!!!! (If I am thinking of the correct cousin?). 😉

    1. Yes!! So excited to see you too!! (Yes, it's the right cousin you're thinking of!) :)

      Love you!

  3. Hey Dass! I love when you post photography highlights! I always look forward to them. =) I absolutely LOVE the starry night picture!! I'm so excited for you that you get to take pictures at your cousin's wedding! How Fun!!!!
    Caroline K


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