Unplanned Pictures

Hey ya'll!

Dropping in for my Friday post to show you some really "unplanned" pictures. Like I literally just snapped a picture, and didn't know what I was going to get, or just happened to have my camera on hand at that exact moment. If you're a photographer, you know what I mean. 😜

The picture above is so breathtaking! I took this picture outside right after it rained, and there were tiny raindrops on this spiderweb with a little spider right in the middle. 🕷
You change it to black & white, oh, so gorgeous!!!!! 😊

Also at the same time (right after it rained) I took these pictures of bees getting pollen off our little tree next to our sidewalk. I think they're the same bees that make that home in our banister.  🐝

And another surprise in that same tree was a nest full of eggs! Yep, that brown one is a cowbird egg. Apparently they don't like to raise their young, and stick them with other bird's eggs so they can raise them. The two blue eggs are House Finch eggs I believe, and are very brightly Robin's Egg Blue! I had to go search around to see what kind of eggs these were since they were so tiny!! The brown speckled is the cowbird. I apologize, it's kind of blurry. 😝

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!! 

Have you found any nests around your backyard?

Hadassah <3


  1. These are very charming, Hadassah! That first picture of the spider is especially breathtaking! I also really loved the picture of the nest. Isn't that kind of cool about the cowbird? And yes, I'm still really excited about the bird's nest on my windowsill. Bird's nests are just so enthralling!

    In Christ,
    Geneva <3

  2. Unplanned pics are so fun! That's so cool you found a nest full of eggs! It's really unfortunate how Cowbirds lay their eggs in other bird's nests and when the Cowbird chick hatches, it usually kicks out the other eggs. :(


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