30 Things That Inspire Me

Hi ya'll. This week has kind of been hectic for me, with lots of errands and social activities. I finally got to sit down and write this blog post, and even now, after I'm done I have to go do some things around the house. #busyasabee🐝

So, usually when I show off some of my pictures to family or friends, or even just followers, they almost always ask, "How did you get that picture? I mean, what inspired you?" And I usually tell them, well, what I'm about to tell you! :)

Oh, definitely blogs. Almost all of my fellow shutterbug friends have blogs, but I do follow some others that bring me joy and definitely, definitely inspire me.  Some of my favorites are:

  • Chubby Cheek Photography- this lady inspires me so much with her child photography! She doesn't use a studio- she uses nature, especially the beach.
  • Ellie Be- I found her through a friend, and totally inspired by her family portraits and engagement sessions! You should totally check her out!
  • Farmgirl Photography- this photographer blogger totally blows me out of the water. Especially since her sessions are ON HER FARM!! All of her sessions are inspiring and creative, using her farm animals which bring total cuteness into the photos. 😉
  • Reflections- I got to know this blogger a little better over the past year, and always loving her creative photos! She definitely inspires through her posts and photos both. 
  • Anna Christine Photography- She has a gift of expressing love, joy, and overall God's creation through her camera! I actually got to interview her earlier this year, and she is such an inspiring young lady. Also follow her on Instagram!

Well, it's true. Music does inspire- especially when you're editing pictures on the computer, or humming a happy tune while you photograph things. My kind of music is the indie with banjos and upbeat drums. 😉  Here's some of my favorite songs:

I would not be here without my Dad's photography, true, but here are some of my favorite photographers that always seek to inspire.

  • Melissa Joy Photography - If I ever want to become a wedding photographer I'll go to her website first! She really puts the 'joy' into her award-winning photos.
  • Aliyah Grace Burton- Totally excited to meet her in a few weeks, but she always is an inspiring beautiful friend of mine. Her niche is newborn, family, and graduation photos, but I think her best work is always newborn photos! :)
  • Joanna Christine- Also a close friend of mine, and she specializes in weddings and engagements- and does an amazing job at it! Totally a fav. 
  • Charlotte B.- Okay, so almost all of my favorite photographers are close friends of mine. What can I say? I wouldn't be here without them! She inspires me almost every day with her beautiful and amazing creativity using her camera.
  • Anna Christine Photography- I know this is confusing- TWO Anna C. Photographers, but I love them both. Anna has such a way with making her portraits it's almost breathtaking. Every picture makes me smile! 

Famous pictures of history are my favorites, especially when cameras were new. Some are sad and heartbreaking, while others are plain funny!

  • "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words."
  • "You don't take a photo- you make it." (Ansel Adams)
  • "Photography is about capturing a soul, not a smile."
  • "A camera is a save button for the mind's eye."
  • "Find beauty in everything."

Where else would I get great ideas without the internet? 😉

  • Pinterest- Definitely Pinterest. Without it, where would I be?
  • Instagram!- I don't have an account yet, but people inspire me through there all the time!
  • 500px- Have I not ranted enough about this website? Seriously. Check it out. 😁
  • Google+- Check out my page, and the group that I'm part of! 
  • Etsy- It's true. Even though people sell stuff on it, I get ideas on how to do photography for our little shop. 😊
I hope you enjoyed this post! Love all of you!

What inspires you?

Hadassah <3


  1. Dass, this is such an inspiring and fun post! Thanks for sharing!! <3

  2. Great list! And wow, thanks for sharing my blog! <3


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