A Lumberjack Birthday || + Cake!

So, you know my thing with birthdays here on Photography Phun. 😊  My family is HUGE,(I've got 8 siblings!) and it's no surprise when I'm blogging about the next birthday in our house. So-o, over the weekend we celebrated my Dad's birthday. I'm sure you're very anxious to see the cake that my Mom made, so I'll quit talking... for now. 😉

Can you guess what it is? Yep! That's a log cake! Isn't my Mom amazing? She got the tutorial off of YouTube, and believe me, this thing took ALL. DAY. My Dad was pretty much kicked out of the house until she could finish AND hide it for the next day! 😜  (Basement fridges come in handy, you know?)

My Dad was pretty surprised when she pulled this thing out! And the outside isn't even the best part...

Wait for it...!!

TA-DA! Inside is a LUMBERJACK pattern of red and black! My eyes nearly popped out when I saw this work of art!! How can you even bake a cake like that?!!  😲

After I took some pics of the cake etc., I finally sat down to eat mine. It was ama-zing. My mouth is watering right now even as I post this!! 😉

So what do you think about the cake?
Is my Mom amazing, or what? ;)

Hadassah <3

P.S. If you want to see other cakes that my Mom has done, you can go here, or here.


  1. Wow!! When i first saw the cake a thought it was a piece of wood!! ;) Looks amazing! Give my approval to the cook. :) What is the outer crust made of? Just curious.
    <3 Caroline

  2. I will! Oh, the outer crust is made out of chocolate sticks called "chocolate flake bars," that are milk chocolate; really yummy! :) You can find them at your local Jungle Jim's. Search for "chocolate flake bars," and you'll find them. :)

    Hadassah <3

  3. OH MY GOODNESS - YES! Your Mom IS amazing! That cake looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! I showed my Mom and a couple of my siblings and they were also very impressed! Happy belated birthday to your Dad and kudos to your Mom!! :)

    In Christ,
    Geneva <3

  4. This is really cool! It’s been two years after me and the love of my life Jen got married in one of the best San Francisco wedding venues. This is what I want for my birthday now; I don’t care if I’m 32. Life is all about making memories and eating delicious and awesome lumberjack cakes!


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