A Walk In The Woods || Those Pretty Little Flowers


Hi y'all. You know me... I can't get passed a flower without taking a picture of it! We've had so many summer flowers come up around our farm, and I've enjoyed taking some fun/cool pictures of them.

 I've decided to name all of my pictures. I know most photographers do this, and I have been having fun naming some of them!  😊

"Mellow Yellow."
 Yeah, some are harder to name than others.  😉
"Pink Majesty."

I've also had fun using an app for computers called Digital Photo Professional. I found it through this girl who uses it as well, since we both have Canon cameras, although her's is probably more advanced than mine. 😉

I've had lots of fun sharpening my pictures and editing colors.  🌈

I'll tell you a little secret. Over the past two months, I have been working on a book. I plan to self-publish it on Kindle by the end of the year, hopefully by October or so, and this picture, hopefully, will be the front cover. For right now, I'll call it my SOEM book, which is the initials of the book's title. Do you have any ideas of what the book is called? I'd love to hear your guesses! 😊

"Sunny Glare."

"Those Pretty Little Flowers."

This picture was obviously taken on a windy day. 😛
Hurricane Cindy has already started on the coast, (AL, TX, GA, etc.) and here in Ohio it has been pouring rain, but no hurricanes thankfully. I wouldn't normally ask this, but we have friends down in Mobile, AL, and they'll probably get hit by hard storms, so I am asking for prayer, please. 😟

Have you got hit by the storms yet?
What are your guesses for my secret book title, 'SOEM?' 

Hadassah <3


  1. Love the pics and I'll have to check out that editing app.
    Ooohhh you're working on a book?? So exciting! Hmm, is the name Story Of Emory Mansion? Story Of Enigmatic Monograms? Song Of the Eagle's Mate? Saboteurs Of East and Main?

  2. Heehee! Your guesses make me laugh! :) Well, the main title is SOEM, but there IS a 'small' "the" in front of it. But no, none of those! I love your guesses though! Especially "Story of Emory Mansion," I SHOULD write a book about that!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Dass,
    Cool pics!! Luv flowers! <3 WOW!! You're writing your own book!! So cool! Can't wait! I've always wanted to write a book and get it published! Hmmm...this is a hard one. Is it The Slate of Emily Mann? The Scroll of Elderly Monk? The Stillness of Early Morning?
    Hehe! So much fun guessing! I think we are coming up of pretty good titles! ;)
    <3 Caroline

    1. Ooh!! I SHOULD write a book called The Slate of Emily Mann.... ooh, sounds like my next title! Thank you so much for commenting! Keep trying though, you're almost there. :) Here's a hint: There's a name of a season in the book title... ;)

      I can't wait to see who finds it out... I'll give tiny little hints as it gets closer... hopefully, toward the date of the launch!! All of you guys are amazing. Just wanted to let you know that. :)

  4. The Story of Excellent Motherhood. All about you Mom of course! Hee-hee! The Sinking of Edgar Mooth. The Stinking Odor Emitted Monday. The Soaring Otter Everyone Mocks. The Sunny Octopus Enters Mordor. The Stunning Ocular Electronic Microscope. Totally Silly Options Except Mine.... ;-)

    1. Haha! Love your book titles! You guys are so creative, but I'm afraid you're not close. :P

      Keep those creative juices flowing!!!! :) <3 <3

  5. This is so exciting! I can't wait to read it, regardless of the title! Hehe.

    Your pictures are bursting with beauty ...as usual, my dear! :)

    In Christ,


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