Around The Farm || Animals, Gardens, and Summer!!

Hi ya'll! I am so excited to share this post, mostly because I have so many pictures to share!! *Sigh* Now that I'm over with spring fever, I've got summer fever...bad!

I've been obsessed with the sunshine and warm air, although somedays aren't as nice as others! It's been pretty humid and sticky around here in Clinton County, Ohio. Somedays I just hate being cooped up inside, I want to run outside with my camera, but somedays I want to stay inside in the nice AC and edit photos or blog! 😊

I finally got a chance to go out the other day and take photos. Although it was not the best time to take photos, as it was midday and hot and sunny, I had so much fun capturing the chickens, goats, and the wonderful, huge garden! 🐔

The garden has been so good to us this year! The picture above is the cucumber seedlings in our garden, growing wonderfully well, not at all like last year! This year we have been very blessed with good crops and harvest!

Well, we learn from our mistakes. We hadn't been doing the right thing with our potatoes last year, and sadly, we got approximately 3 tiny potatoes! Thankfully, we have been getting good leaves and roots in our potato tires!

Lettuce coming out of our ears!! We grow the Mississippi Slow Bolt, so thankfully they are slow bolting and very good at sticking around! We have been having salads and things w/ lettuce in them because we have so much! The Lord has blessed us this year!

Onions will not be ready for harvest for awhile, I'm afraid... but it is fun to take pictures of the "fingers," of onion plants with 1.8. aperture!

Our spinach, on the other hand, is not slow bolting! It has already bolted and gone to seed!

Rainbow Chard! It's always so fun to see the red, orange, yellow, and green stems of these delicious salad leaves!

Carrots! We'll have to be careful with wild bunnies!! 🐇  😨

Oh, just lots and lots of things! I don't know if I took a picture of everything in the garden!

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! No actual tomatoes yet, but they sure do smell like tomatoes!! Yummy and delicious!  🍅


Sweet Peas!

Watermelons have always, always, been a fav of mine! I grow them pretty much every year, and this year it's Sugar Babies! They are so good and sweet!  🍉

We have two goats now, Ivy, and Dandelion, and they are very sweet and pure... although Dandelion does have a ambitious and troublesome streak to her! Plus... *bokeh*  😍

Chickens are really beautiful when you take pictures to capture their personality. Living on a farm usually means lots of pretty birds around! 🐤

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the pictures! I must run off and set the table for supper, so I'll leave you look at the pics! Love all of you wonderful people!!

Do you like big gardens, chickens, or goats?
Have you ever visited a farm?

Hadassah <3


  1. WOW Hadassah, those are great pictures! Your garden is so beautiful!

  2. Nice! We have a garden too, but it's pretty small. We've only got a handful of vegetables growing there.

  3. WoW! Your Garden looks incredible!!


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