Crazy Days

Whew. It's been a long week (and it's still not over!) for us at PW Farm lately. In fact, I started writing this post today at 2:30. It's past five o' clock. 😝

The picture above: Doesn't every photographer have this picture? A selfie in the car? 😋

Pretty Zinnia  🌺

All of these pictures are just random things that I took of, at different times of the day, in the last month or so. Most of them are just random things I thought were pretty or interesting enough to be captured & photographed.

It was around four-thirty when I took this picture, in... *eek!* April! It's the same time I took this photo, when I was playing with the late-day shadows and the windows in our playroom.

Yummy snickerdoodles! When I was younger, and still sometimes, my nickname was Dassie Snickerdoodle. Cute, huh? I still like to be called that sometimes, and although I prefer the much "maturer-sounding" Hadassah, some of my friends that I've known for years call me Dassie. My siblings generally call me Dass, or Dassah, but Pumpkin Spice does call me "Dassie" now and then. 😊   💌  💗

Ooh! We went over to a friend's house on Sunday, and Pumpkin Spice has an especially dear friend, who I'll call Arabella, that she loves to play with. She is so dear and energetic, that she reminds me of this nursery rhyme for some reason. 😊 Anyway, I brought my camera and another girl in the family, (who I'll call Diana, for Anne of Green Gables) borrowed her sister's, so that we could have a delightful time taking photos of our younger sisters. And we did. At one point we went out into the woods where the girls took of running; a perfect shot to take pictures of.

I'm OBSESSED WITH BOKEH!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I try to get bokeh in every one of my photos! It's so irresistible!  😏

I am in love with this picture I took of Blue Eyes, my younger sister! The lighting is perfect f, and she had just woken up from nap. She does still suck her thumb (she's almost 3) and carries her "lovey," around the house, a soft blanket-sheep whom we call, "Sleepy Sheepie," for she cannot go to sleep without it. 🐑  😴 🌙  Don't you just love it? I could pinch those cheeks all day!!

Has your life been crazy lately?
Which picture was your fav? ;)

Hadassah <3


  1. Aw, that last picture is perf!!! Also love the one of the girls running. And those snickerdoodles... *mouth waters*

    1. Oh, I know, right? Snickerdoodles ALWAYS make my mouth water!! ;)

      Thank you so much for your comments, Gloria!!

      Hadassah <3

  2. SO good, Hadassah! Love love love these <3


  3. *gasps* all of these just made my jaw fall to the floor!!!

    1. You are so sweet Aliyah! But I'd have to say the same about you!! :) Your photography IS pretty darn amazing!! :D

  4. Oh, Hadassah! What supremely wonderful photos! Although that last one of Blue Eyes is STUNNING, I must admit that the one of the girls running is my favorite! And by the way, I think it is SO sweet that you are calling your friend "Diana" (it's such a lovely name :). You two must have a pretty special friendship! ;) This post is definitely among my favorites. For sure. :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

    Love in Christ,
    Geneva <3

    P.S. I dearly hope to see you again sometime soon! <3


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