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Photo Credit: Noah S.

Hi y'all! I am so excited to do this post, and I've been working on it a lot today, and it's finally ready to go... well, once I get some words to it. 😉

I wrote this post in cooperation with Paperless Post, and even got to use their website and create an invitation! But more on that later... 😏

HOW TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOS... a question that beginner photographers usually ask. So maybe you just got a new fancy camera, and you have no idea how to use it. Maybe you're thinking about getting a new camera, and you want some tips, tricks, and advice before you make that big step. Maybe you're just here to check out the blog! Who knows?

Turn on your camera and switch it to the Auto setting, which usually is an A, or a green square. Now, I don't know what kind of camera you have, so I am just going by my camera, an EOS Rebel T2i, by Canon. Auto is a setting that does everything for you. It senses the light and automatically knows if it should put up the flash, change the ISO, or change the shutter speed. That's easy. It does everything for you, so all YOU have to do is learn how to take great photos! Later you can move onto Manual, which is more for intermediates or professionals.

Focus is one of the easiest things ever on cameras! There should be a tiny switch on one side of your camera that's Auto, or Manual. Manual means you have a ring around your lens and you're manually doing the focus. Auto is a red dot in the hole that you look through to take photos, just to make it simple. Switch it to A, or auto on that little switch. You aim at whatever you're shooting at and press down slightly, but not all the way, and it will focus at what you're pointing at. Then, once it's in focus, you press down that button all the way and you've got your shot. Generally, things that you're not focusing on will be out of focus, or blurred.

The best, best, best time to shoot is Golden Hour. The sun is making everything beautiful and well... golden! You should try and never shoot at mid-day, because the sun is usually hot and high up in the sky, casting ugly shadows on everything. The other best time to shoot is early morning. The sun isn't as bright, and you can get beautiful nature shots, or even people shots in the morning! The picture below is in Golden Hour, and you can see how beautifully golden it is.

Well, shooting straight and at your view of things is boring, right? We have tripods right on us: our legs! Try doing lots of angles to get that perfect shot, including laying down and shooting high! Many, many, many of my shots are down below or on my knees. With people, try to shoot at their height, and never shoot UP at people, unless you want it to look awkward. But oh my goodness, so many beautiful shots are using wonderful angles!

Nobody likes a blurry picture! Take your time, and don't rush unless you have to! You can get so many great pictures if you take your time!

If you're dreading doing photography and taking pictures, than maybe you just aren't meant to be a photographer. But always, always, always remember to have fun; you won't be a great photographer if you are cranky and irritated! Use patience and be happy!

Once you've learned every tip and trick to becoming a great photographer, you're sure to take great photos! And why store them away on a computer? Display your wonderful work around the house or on a blog, like mine! I love to display my work on social medias, like my Google+ page, (which you're free to join!) my blog, or putting them in custom calendars as family Christmas presents!

 Now, on to my adventure with Paperless Post!
Using Paperless Post was so efficient and easy. Paperless Post is an online website that specializes in online cards, although they do have the option to print as well. When you sign up you get 25 coins automatically to use on your invitations. Some cards are free, or start at one coin. Depending on what premium features and customizing you use, your coins will start to add up. Also, sending to your recipients through e-mail costs coins as well. I did a "fake" birthday invitation for just 8 coins! For me, I like to use digital invitations, although sometimes I do use paper invitations that are homemade. I love using my own photos to add that final touch to digital invitations!

Using Paperless Post was very fun and very easy! I enjoyed using the website, and would truly recommend using it! Go here to look at Paperless Post.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Have you ever heard of Paperless Post, or used it?
How do you take great photos? 

Hadassah <3


  1. Great tips! I've never heard of Paperless Post. I'll have to check it out should I need to create an invitation.

  2. Yes! It's very easy to use. I was wondering, (hopefully you see this comment again!) could I interview you on my blog? Please e-mail me at, if you can or not. It would be fun to if you can!! <3



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