Self Portraiture In the Golden Hour

Better late than never, right? This week has been crazy for me, with all sorts of errands and social activities! Oh, and happy June! Doesn't 2017 seem to be going by SO fast!?!
It's crazy to think that in just 29 weeks (206 days!!) it's going to be CHRISTMAS!! Agh!! 😱

So, as you may have guessed, I've been working on my self-portraiture. Using my camera and I tripod, I think I'm getting pretty good at taking self-portraits. I couldn't resist when the light was so gorgeous in yesterday's Golden Hour!! 😊

I think it took me around an hour to take all of these. You have to get it just right, and be at that exact point of the focus, (especially since I was on my 1.8!!) or else you're completely out of focus.


So I had to keep running back to the camera, adjusting the focus, ISO, shutter speed, etc.
And right now I'm pretty itchy since I was... yeah, barefoot in a forest of weeds. 😛

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Especially the lighting! When I showed my friend the picture above, she said, "Wow, you're turning all bohemian on me!" I just laughed.

On a different note, I was thinking that if you asked some of my friends to say five words that describe me, they'd say I'm a:

  • Poetic
  • Sentimental
  • Nature-lover
  • Romantic
  • Dreamer
That really sums me up, but they'd also mention my love of creativity and photography. 😋

Do you like taking selfies?

Hadassah <3


  1. LOVE, Hadassah! You are soooo good <3 <3

    (your friend) ;)

  2. Nice! I've taken a few self portraits so I know what you mean about having to constantly run back and forth from the camera... not to mention adjusting, and readjusting, and more adjusting. :P

  3. I'm so blessed to have such a lovely friend, inside and out! <3

  4. These are gorgeous, Hadassah! I love them (and YOU :) sooooo much! But truly, that pose in the high grass... the lighting.... YOU... Oh! It's all just so overwhelmingly perfect!

    In Christ,
    Geneva <3


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