The Little Things

Honestly, It's those little things that always gets me to take out my camera.

Like the picture above. We live right near an airfield where these paragliders take off, and almost every other evening we can hear the humming of the engine going over our house. Just a few evenings ago, the sky was so bright and beautiful and I heard the hum of the paraglider just across our backyard. I ran as fast as I could downstairs, grabbed my camera, and went dashing out the back door. I started snapping, and lo and behold, I got some pretty cool pictures. As I was editing these pictures late tonight, four of my family members walked in through the room at different times and said, "Wow, that looks like a painting." I was giggling as the fourth person came in and I asked, "Do you think this looks like a painting?" She nodded, "That's exactly what I was about to say!" Now, I am laughing.  😁

Truly, it does look like a painting.

That very same morning I saw these rays peeking out through the trees and of course, I ran and grabbed my camera. It was around six forty-five or so, and the sun set was absolutely gorgeous. I've got a lot to show for that early morning shooting, but for now, I'll just give you a few.  😉

And spiderwebs!!!! *squeals* I think I found one of my favorite, yet hardest thing to photograph! Does that make sense?

For one, focusing is superhard to do on spiderwebs. They're so thin and delicate, and generally you have to use manual, as I have learned. But they're also a lot of fun, and I got so many pretty pics!

In the one above, you can see the tiny brown spider smack in the middle of the web. One thing is that spiderwebs are also tricky in the morning's sunrise, because the glow, and my camera likes to turn super bright white things a nasty purple-ish glow.  😛

But isn't it the little things that make us so happy and content? Or the opposite, sad or ungrateful. As an almost-intermediate-but-still-amateur photographer, I think it's the little things that make us take out our camera. Those tiny little details that can bring joy and happiness into someone's day.

Ooh! I almost forgot! Thank you ya'll so much for commenting on my last post for the book title challenge!! I had so. much. fun. reading those comments!! If you haven't tried already, go back to my last post and give it a try! I'm excited to see who will get the closest!! I should write a book about The Slate Of Emily Mann or The Sunny Octopus Enters Mordor, of even The Story of Emory Mansion! You guys are totally amazing!!  😘

Do you like little details?
Favorite picture? ;)

Hadassah <3


  1. WOW!! The first picture defiantly looks like a painting!
    I think my favorite picture is the third one, that is SO cool!!!

  2. Oh my word, Dassah. I LOVE ALL OF THESE. You are not an amateur you are a pro. I am dead serious these are award worthy!!!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Aliyah!! I actually have considered entering contests, and hope to actually ENTER one one day, instead of just thinking about it. :P :D

      YOU are awesome as well!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. OH MY, Dass! These are AMAZING pictures!!! I totally agree with Aliyah! I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the third picture!!! You are AWESOME!! Keep it up!! <3 <3
    <3 Caroline Kidd

  4. Although, I'm definitely not a fan of spider webs, I have to say that the first spider web pic is AMAZING! Absolutely Amazing! Dass, How did you take that pic? It looks so hard!
    <3 C. Kidd

    1. Actually it wasn't! I just saw it laced into the fence that we share with our neighbor, the sun was gleaming through the trees, and I stood back and took the shot. Easy peasy. I absolutely love how it turned out in black and white! I have a color copy as well, but it doesn't look that good. :P

      Thanks for commenting always m'dear! :)


  5. These are all so amazing! Love the color of the sky in those first pics. And yes, it does look like a painting. :D
    I've tried photographing spiderwebs but I either can't get it properly focused or the light catches the web and makes it look like a random shiny blob. *sigh* Guess I gotta keep trying.

  6. ... *shock and amazement* ... *stares at the pictures for 10 minutes* ...

    These are BREATHTAKING, Hadassah! I truly am in awe!

    In Christ,

  7. Thank you so much!! I am "breathtaken" myself at how good they turned out!

    I am glad you like them!

  8. Wow these pictures are so pretty!!!


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