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Hi y'all!

I hope everyone in America is enjoying their long weekend off for July 4th, with lots of fun things and family! Tomorrow we'll be heading out to a BBQ party at a friend's house, and then going to the local fireworks show in town! 😊

So, most of these pictures were taken in the last three months. This picture was taken at our friend's graduation party back in May, and Blue Eyes was climbing ALL over their swing set. I call this one, "The Blue-Eyed Dreamer."  😉

"Stacked Together."
We have these huge stacks of wood lined all the way down one side of the barn, and I always love to take shots of them. I'll have to use this one as a background on my laptop, it looks something like a desktop wallpaper. 🙂

Ooh! Abstract photography. Does anyone have any ideas for what this scene is? 😏


Oh! Such grand times we had, throwing rocks in a creek and taking pictures of the splashes! My friend, Diana and her little sister was with me and my little sisters, A & Pumpkin Spice one day at their house, and we had such a good time playing and laughing in their creek.

Raggedy Ann, "Take a picture while I jump off the mulch pile!!"
Me, "Alright- be careful!" 
Raggedy Ann, "I'm ALWAYS careful."
Me, "Uh-huh." 

Thankfully, she didn't fall; but all of my siblings ask to take pictures of them jumping. Maybe it's because they like themselves looking like they're frozen in mid-air? Beats me! 😯

And old pictures of flowers from the spring. You know me; always ready to take pictures of any flower that passes my way!

Ooh! And storytelling. I've been working on this one a lot lately, and I have a lot of fun figuring out angles and everything! This was the same creek and taken right after the one above. ⇡

I hope everyone has a safe, blessed, and fun week ahead of them!

What are you doing for the 4th of July?
Favorite picture? ;)

Hadassah <3


  1. Hey Dass! Can't wait to see you at the 4th of July Party! Love Love Love the water pics. I'm like you Dass, You can always get another picture of a flower. ;)
    <3 C. Kidd

  2. These are all so good! I am especially impressed by the picture of the white wildflowers. And I agree, playing in the creek is always REALLY fun, especially when you're with your dear-sweet friends. <3

    In Christ,


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