Light & Shadows

Hi y'all!

As I was going through my pictures on our computer, I found several pictures that I had taken, but never posted on here, with light and shadows.

The picture above I took of my younger brother, Pete, in our living room right in front of the blinds that were open. On the camera I set it to a 1.8 aperture and turned it to black and white using the Monochrome setting, and set my ISO to 400. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. 😉

Remember the "A Walk In The Woods || Cowan Lake" post? Well this was one of the pictures from that gray dull day in the woods that I never posted! I'll quit talking techie and just say it was an easy shot, since the sky was so dark. 😉

And these are so fun! Just turn your ISO down and your shutter speed up, and you'll get only the lightbulb glowing, even if the room has a tiny bit of light. Just remember to close the curtains!

I think this was taken last fall, due to the leaves on the ground. It was a pretty sunset, and the shadows were everywhere! 🍁

Mickey Mozart. I had to edit this one a bit, but it was kind of blurry anyway, so I just brought the brightness waaay down and turned it to black and white. I kinda like it, actually! 😊

And you've seen these windows and curtains before, I'm sure. 😉

Well, I must go and help out around the house. Love all of you dear people!

Do you like playing with light and shadows?

Hadassah <3


  1. This is so cool! Now I'm really inspired to take some pictures around our windows.


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