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Hi everyone!

I am so ready for summer to be OVER! I've been seeing so many posts about getting ready for fall, including several "end of the summer recap" posts, (I may write one soon!) The leaves are now falling off the trees, which seems crazy, but I am so ready for COOL weather!! 🍁

I have gotten so behind on writing here on Photography Phun. Part of that is running another blog with several other wonderful girls, and then part of it is just being so busy outside of the house!

I have my very first auditions for Alladin Jr. this Friday, and I am so excited! I'll be auditioning for Jasmine (!!) and the Magic Carpet. So far, I'm not up against to many people for both parts, which is a blessing, but I have to make sure I don't get to excited! 👑 🙂

Do you remember my post from last October? I was a new blogger, and it was about blowing bubbles with my little sisters. Well, last Sunday, they decided to blow bubbles again, so I grabbed my 50mm lens and camera to go grab some memorable snapshots. If you follow me on Insta, you can see I already posted about it there. 🌈  😁

Almost freelens-y! 📷

I'm sure you remember me taking pictures of this tree before it had these berries all over it  this spring! I also took these berries off this tree to make a fairy garden last year. (Where HAS the time gone!?!) 😲

You know this cat! He follows me around ANYWHERE just to be in photos. And he always knows when I'm photographing him! It's crazy since he's wearing the same expression here as he was wearing in my last post! 

I love this picture! I've been trying out some "above" pictures lately, although I am pretty short, so I usually have to grab a chair LOL 😅   #petiteproblems

I actually do play piano by ear, but I am learning how to site-read. I play our electric piano at least once or twice a day, and LOVE composing music. This picture is so dreamy and peaceful... 🎶

Pumpkin Spice was trying to look all "cool" for me on her bicycle and she nailed it! Put it into black and white, and it's priceless! 🚲

I've been inspired to do these kind of pictures by this sweet girl on Instagram, and she does amazing work with the slow shutter thing! This is my brother, Pete, on his bike two Sunday afternoons ago.

*Sigh* #almostfall

And this picture! I got so many loves on Instagram for a picture just like it! I took them just after it rained (of course- you know me!!!) and was so happy how these drops on the spiderwebs turned out. #spiderwebandraindrops!! 🕸  🌧  🕷

Have you been looking forward to autumn?

Hadassah <3


  1. Hadassah, it was So enjoyable looking through these pictures! I absolutely LOVE that first one of Blue Eyes on the swing! She looks so grown up!!!! Also, the one of Pumpkin Spice (looking VERY cool) amused me greatly. Thank you so much for brightening my day with your lovely post! <3 <3 <3

    In Christ,


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