Photography Highlights || August Edition!

Hi y'all! So we're... okay... well, I mean it's ONLY the 14th of August. At least it's not the 21st.

Boy, when people think of summer as "relaxing," that's always the OPPOSITE for a big family with lots of commitments, errands, and appointments. Sometimes it's just cra-zy when you have eight siblings and both parents are trying to get everything done! You know what I mean?!? 😀

I do these every month, and they're just my linky love or favs that I get my inspiration from.

  • This picture of Ellie Be's on Instagram!! Oh my goodness! So cool!

  • I've been following all the big photography people on Instagram, and absolutely love when Canon USA posted THIS picture!! It automatically makes me think of that (still!!) popular Ylvis' song! 

  • Okay, so this picture!?! Makes me think of Cinderella on her honeymoon!! SUCH CRAZY AMAZING CREATIVITY! 😎

  • I have to get one of these soon! These kind of pictures capture movement so amazingly! So colorful too! 🌈

  • You know how I'm obsessed with pictures of cats. So I always go crazy when I see one of these types! 😍

So that's all for now! Have fun clicking around! 😉

All for now,

Hadassah <3


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