Best Tips For Nature Photography

Hi ya'll!

I wanted to write this post because as I was going through pictures today, I came across a LOT of nature photography, from none other than myself!

My very first picture that I ever took using an EOS Rebel 2Ti by Canon, was a butterfly on a flower, and since then I've loved taking pictures of nature. From leaves, to flowers, to trees, I love nature photography...

But that doesn't mean I want to spend my whole life doing JUST that. I have no idea what kind of photographer I want to be, but I am leaning toward's being a child/baby photographer, especially since I have eight siblings and that's kind of just EXPECTED from me. 😋

Anyway, so I wanted to cover some nature photography tips with you guys. My number #1 tip is going to be that you should set your f-stop number LOW. The picture above was at a 1.8 and it makes all the focus go to that SPECIFIC petal on the flower. 🌼

#2. Go out early mornings! I got so many good photos by waking up at 6:45 and running outside to capture the first light and dew of the morning!! 🌤

#3. Edit your photos! You'll (ALMOST) never get a perfect photo without editing it first! Personally I use Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor, but I do sometimes love just the built-in editing that comes with Mac Photos.

#4. Go out and take some photos every season! For me, I prefer fall, just because of the bright colors and (usually good) weather as well, especially in October. Not to hot, not TOO cold. 🙂

#5. Look for tiny details! I love love LOVE taking pictures of raindrops, and you can see how amazing this photo was straight after a sunshower! 🌧

I hope these tips will help you next time you do some nature photography!!

Do you like nature photography?
Were these tips helpful for you?

Hadassah <3

P.S. Some exciting news: My book (TSOEM) is (hopefully!) soon going to be published on Amazon for Kindle and (hopefully!!!) in book form!! 😊


  1. Nature photography is a ton of fun! Unfortunately, my camera is rather limited so I don't have much control over the settings. :(

  2. Yes, I still don't have all the settings I would like on mine, but it's fun to get what you can!! :)



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