Autumn Days

Hello you lovely people!

I am SO elated that it finally feels like autumn. I mean, if I could live in a season? It would be so. totally. fall. Everything about it! From pumpkins, to hot chocolate, to fall colors, to fall fashion, cozy jackets, and hay rides, and ALL those cute photographs I get to get during autumn season!! 🍂 

Blue Eyes' pumpkin

We grew our own pumpkins this year, and these tiny jack-be-littles are literally the cutest. things. ever.

As almost all of my siblings were outside playing the other day, I took out my camera (for the first time in awhile!! 😯 ) and got some wonderful shots.

He looks... concerned, and she looks... distracted. 😛

This is so cute!! She only let me take ONE picture of her, and although it's slightly out of focus, she looks like a Gap baby model. 😉

Fall... I'm so glad  you're here. 😃

What's your favorite thing about autumn? Pumpkins? Fox sweaters? ;D

Hadassah <3


  1. OMW this is such a cute post!
    I love these pictures!!

    1. Thank you so much Briana! I really appreciate your kind comments!! <3

  2. Pure loveliness as usual! :)

    Love in Christ,


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