My Latest Adventure || Digital Scrapbooking!

Hi, everyone!

Boy, I'm overdue for a post, aren't I? Life has been sooo hectic lately.
My latest adventure/ project has been working on digital scrapbooking with all of my pictures. I finally sat down at the computer, organized some photos, and DID it, using Adobe Elements (Photoshop) on our Mac. 😀

I had SO SO SO much fun! It turned out to come pretty easy to me. And I'm sorry if these aren't the best copies, my computer refused to let me upload some jpegs of these, so they're just screenshots right now. 😝  #technicalproblems

The one at the very top turned out pretty well, and I loved all the autumn colors and details to it! Almost all of these pages aren't very professional, but you know, I'm a beginner, alright? :)

I love the one above! Sisters ARE the chocolate chips in life. 😍

I love my nature page above. So cute and natur-ey! 🌺  🌼  🌼

And this page above was actually my first test-trial. Ysabeau, also known as Blue Eyes around here, turned three a few months ago, so I knew I had to dedicate a page to her. If you want to see her amazing and cutest photoshoot EVER, you can see that here. 

Also, I know you guys have loved the blog so far! Thanks for your feedback! I love the new look of my blog; it's so minimalistic and clean, and I've been wanting to change it for a long time. Any feedback on things that you would want changed? I'm all ears!

Favorite page? ;D

Hadassah <3

P.S. I was SO elated when I found out I won a giveaway at this girl's blog the other day! Go check her out- she's amaaazzzing. 😘


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