Photo Inspiration || Vol. 1

Hi, everyone!

When I first got on Instagram, I was so pumped to find all the photographers that do amazing work and give me such inspiration on Instagram! And I did... and a few followed me! So thank you all for that, you can't believe my excitement when I reached over 100!! 😀

That picture above ↑ by Ellie Be stole my heart. Her expression, her big brown eyes, the composition... I was just... whooaaa. 😃

If you don't follow Canon USA on Instagram, you should really look into it. They feature SO many amaaaazzzing photographers, like the one above!! This picture took my breath away!!

And Viewbug's featured photographer as well!! I would SO love to do one of the "figures" in the fog photos... 😍

Okay y'all! Mandi Johnson is SUCH a wonderful free-lens photographer!! It is SO amazing that she does what she does. And her pictures... aww, her pictures just make me get this BIG smile on my face. Child photographer and lens flares 101, and I can tell you you will love all her work right now!! 😍

Jodi Paquin Photo!??! Just found her work and it's soooo amazing!! 😍

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!!

Hadassah ♡


  1. Beautiful! i love instagram photographers so so much!

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