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Hi everyone! Isn't the picture above ⬆ your face as you see a new post from me? Yeah, I really hate being absent on here so much, but as I entered some "high school-level" classes in our homeschool, I have been overwhelmed! 😹

Mostly with writing essays. I LOVE writing, but the stack of assignments have been really overwhelming. Somehow in the midst of that, I love it anyways. You know what I mean? Classical homeschooled education y'all. 💚💙💙💛💜💛💛

Sadly, I haven't been so active with "my" camera lately. But the other day I finally picked it up to take some pictures around the house. Man, I have never hated our houses' light more than I did. Our house is SO dark. It might seem like there was a lot of light in the picture above, but sadly, I had to turn up the ISO more than I wanted đŸ˜ȘĂ­ 
PHOTOGRAPHER'S WORST NIGHTMARE! Lol, I sound like I'm an old lady. Ok-aay dokey, I'll just move on then. 😂

This is the VERY first time I had seen my work printed out on a canvas! For my drama group (we're working on Alladin the musical this year) we had a spaghetti dinner earlier this month, and this is what I donated for the raffle ticket drawing. I just had to take a picture of it before it went to *sniff* another person. (Thankfully it ended it up with my director LOL!)

AWWW. These two. #5 and #9. Can't say anymore- I'm just laughing over here that I actually got this picture before he ambushed her from behind. He is that age- you know the "little stinker" age? 😂

Arts and craft time at our house! I caught A and Pumpkin Spice in the middle of this project the other day making "doughnuts" with lots of fun glitter and stickers. 💝

Haha! And this was who was watching them the whole time đŸ€Ł

Lots of fun macros... I love the texture in these đŸ”»đŸ”ș đŸ”” đŸ”·


 I hope everyone has a blessed weekend! Have a great day, and comment below your favs! 😉

All for now,

Hadassah <3


  1. I love the last picture, your depth of field is GREAT!


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