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Merry Early Christmas! Still can't believe it's just five days away! 😮

I am super excited to share this post with you guys! Since I come from a family of nine kids, (I'm #3 in line) I have learned a lot about shooting little kids at different points of the day, in homes, outside, parks, anywhere and everywhere. I have six younger siblings, ages 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, and 1, and I absolutely love adore taking pictures of them in action or in quiet.

Sometimes you don't know when to take out your camera, but sometimes you just DO. Most of the photos of my little brother are in our playroom where he spends 25% of his day! I leave the camera just where I can grab it before I come in to keep an eye on him, and most of the time, the end results are pretty cool.


Little kids have a usual hard time taking instructions from anyone (and sometimes everyone) other than their parent or parents. I'm the eldest girl in our house, so they sometimes listen to me, but sometimes, I just have to let them go and be themselves. But that's the most fun thing about them! You never know when you're going to get the great candid to hang on your wall!

Example #1: She wasn't even looking at me, yet I captures all those adorable little curls! 

Example #2: He wanted to have some fun and be silly, so I let him! Can't wait to show this one at his wedding lol!


Little kids get distracted really, really easily. You should see my Mom trying to keep my little sister focused on pre-school work. It's both hilarious and frustrating! So, when trying to shoot in a park at sunset 3 little kids who are going in all different directions, keep something interesting in your bag. Balls, toys, anything new and exciting. Something that they haven't seen before, and you know they'll love as much as you do. Sometimes, you'll get just the perfect photo while they're looking at a toy, book, or even a bug.

Example #1: Let hem play with a toy and capture their face as it moves!

Example #2: Lifestyle (around your home) pictures are also great for capturing what the children love and what interests them!


I actually heard this tip from a professional photographer just the other day and realized she does the same thing I do: 

Let them maneuver the camera and take a picture (under supervision) of you! Then, they'll want you to take a picture of them, and so on and so forth! If you use the multiple photo on your DSLR setting, you can get a lot more photos in just one minute then moving around and just taking ONE photo at a time!

I hope you enjoyed this tips! Leave me a comment below on your favorite tips for child photography! I'd love to hear them. 💚

Have a blessed count-down-to-Christmas week!  😂

Hadassah <3



  1. I like tip #2 I've never thought of doing that! I'll have to use your tips as I take pictures of my young cousins during Christmas. :)
    Lily 🖉 @


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