Just Some Lost Pictures...

Hi guys!

I found all these pictures while sorting through our Mac's Photos the other day and sighed heavily. I had totally lost these in the months of November and December and I knew you'd guys love to see them! 😉

Thanksgiving; no idea what he was pointing at!! 😂

Me & Mickey Mozart... yeah, still had those braces on 🙂

Sunset through the curtains

One of our first snows in Ohio...

Mickey Mozart... in the playroom o' course

Our Christmas tree in the dark unfocused...

Him again 😂

My first pic of 2018!

One of our coldest days of the season! Icicles at sunset make for a pretty pic! (this was under our car) 


We celebrated this little girlie's birthday Jan. 9th, and she lost her first tooth just a little while before! 👍

Shot through a (moving) car- so pretty!

Mickey Mozart 😉
Also Thanksgiving... Blue Eyes' face!! 😂  😂  😂

Do you enjoy finding 'lost' pictures?


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  1. These are some lovely shots, Hadassah! I'm so glad that you found them! It's kind of funny, but I especially like the one under the car - something about the color and the lighting makes it just so... winter-y! :) Also, I can still hardly believe how grown up Micky Mozart looks without his baby curls! Ohhh, what a cutie! I don't ever get tired of seeing pictures of him! xoxo

    Your Loving Friend & Sister in Christ,
    Geneva <3

    1. Thank you Geneva! Love you lots <3

      Hadassah <3

  2. I love it!! Blue Eye's face is SO funny!! lol

    Lily @ lilymaesday.blogspot.com

    1. Haha- yes! It was like she was saying, "Oh my word- PICTURE TIME ALREADY??!" She cracks me up!! :D


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