My Father's Photography + His Showcase

If you've heard me talk before, you know that my father is an amazing photographer. Being a journalist and photographer while he was in the Marines taught him a lot. Though the camera's been willed to me now, I still look up to my father and his photography. Besides him, there's not a lot of people who's taught me other amazing photography tricks.

Today, I want to share with you guys everything that he's done- in a showcase. Enjoy!

The picture above was taken in a zoo- yeah, through the glass. Isn't that cool?

The 1 year anniversary of 9/11. This woman's husband (the little girl's father) was killed in 9/11. This memorial service was held in Wichita, KS.

After the 2005 ice storm in Kansas, a worker, dressed in bright orange, makes his rounds on the electrical lines.

A story my father did for the newspaper while living in Wichita. This disabled child holding a flag is one of the greatest photos he's ever taken.

How disgusting... 🙂

Panning while shooting at a race track. Imagine how hard it is to do that, as these cars are so fast!!

Taken on vacation in New York

He shot this street photo to show the contrast while on work w/ his camera!

On vacation, in Shaker Village
Taken in Kansas, near the home of Laura Ingalls

One of his most famous photos 😲

While shooting a story on these men in Arizona. This man put tracking devices on a rare specie of lizards that were being killed by the Arizona hawks.

I don't know every story behind these pictures, but aren't they all so cool? I wish I could show you even more of his amazing work, but that's all for now!

Which photo is your favorite?

Hadassah <3


  1. My favorite pic is #9. I love all the pictures, they're amazing!!

    Lily @

  2. WOOWWW. that is just so cool that your Dad is a photographer!!! Lucky <33


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