Snow Day || Mini Photoshoot!

I can't believe the weather we've been getting lately. Even the South has been getting snow, and the other day it was colder in North Carolina than Alaska!! Eek! ⛸  ⛄  🏂

Ohio weather has been the coldest we've ever remembered, with highs of sometimes 8*! Though I love love love the snow, I don't like the dirty, mushy, icy snow, though it was beautiful the other day... was that really Christmas? Gosh, it's been crazy since then. If you saw my post the other day, one of my goals for 2018 is to blog more. I've neglected this happy little place on the internet with my busy schedule, and... *sigh,* I just need more productive things to do! 😫 

Anyways, Pumpkin Spice and I had fun freezing our fingers and toes off doing this fun mini photoshoot two days ago in our back woods. The picture above was using a really cool site called You should go check it out here if you'd like to do the trick above!

The far-off look ;)

Free-lensing 😍

Tonight we're celebrating Epiphany, and then tomorrow evening we're celebrating Raggedy Ann's birthday with a fun birthday party (not the day she was actually born though!) with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandma. It'll be so much fun, and I *hope* to grab some photos! 🤞

Do you like the snow?

Hadassah <3


  1. I LOVE SNOWWW!! great pictures!!!

  2. We've been getting a lot of snow too! This morning at our house it was negative twenty degrees Fahrenheit!! It's been cold!
    Lily @

  3. Cute!



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