What's In My Camera Bag (s) || How I Store My Camera Stuff

Camera bags? She has two? You think to yourself. Okay- well then you may not be a photographer. 😃  Why do I have two camera bags? Because I have so much stuff! Most of the things have been passed down to me from my photographic father (hopefully a showcase post of his work soon!) and the rest came when I bought my 50mm lens kit. 
I wanted to show you guys everything that I have, everything that I use, and everything that I don't use- but in my bag (s) anyway.

Okay, so above is my regular camera bag. I got this for Christmas, from, you guessed it, Amazon! I love this thing so much, and I can fit my camera and an extra lens in there as well. I can also fit some other little things, which I'll get to later. I use this for carrying my camera around (etc.), while my other bag is for carrying/storing the extras.

I love my mini tripod so much. It's the perfect thing to put my camera up a little bit off the ground, plus this thing fits right into your pocket- perfect for traveling.

I actually have two lens pens- they are SO efficient and you should totally get one if you have a DSLR camera with a lens! They are perfect for getting the specs of dust and dirt out of your lenses. The mini white thing is a small spray bottle- I don't use it very often at all, but I keep it in my main camera bag just in case.

I have three lenses: the 75-300, which is an AWESOME lens for getting pictures of birds etc., up close, and then the 18-55 zoom, which is another one for getting wide angle shots. I also have my nifty fifty mm, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Like nothing else 😂

I have one battery and one battery charger currently- and I am always surprised at how fast it charges! I keep this in my storage bag where it's easy to get out.

Ooh! I got this lens strap for Christmas, and love it! But now my Dad can never use 'my' camera again 😛

I don't use the lens hood very much, especially since I mainly just use the filters on the lenses. Because of the glass filters, you can't have both the hood and filter on together. 😛
(Here's the (similar) link to the glass filters I use) I store this in my main bag at the moment.

This is also in my main camera bag- q tips. An awesome little hack for cleaning the ins and outs of your camera.

This is one of those fun air compressors. This is just for blowing the dust and little things out of the little cracks etc. I put this one in my storage bag.

This is my storage bag. It's cute, isn't it? I was looking into creating a bag out of a vintage suitcase (picture here) but ended up finding this cute bag at Goodwill for a few dollars. It fits all my stuff perfect, and it's so easy for carrying around.

How do you store your camera stuff? 

Hadassah <3


  1. Oh Dassah, I love your storage bag!! It's so cute and from Goodwill too. 😍


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