Lately || Siblings, Portraits, & Free-Lensing!

Sometimes you surprise yourself. Sometimes you take a photo and you say, "Wow. I didn't know I could do that!" Most of my siblings are pretty hard to take pictures of because either they:

  • Are little and full of energy
  • Are convinced they don't look good
  • Don't like having their picture taken
  • Or act completely silly and won't be serious! 
It's definitely hard to get pics of my siblings and family, but I manage, thanks to fast shutter speed and editing 😅

So, what have I been up to lately? I've been busy, that's for sure! I've been doing school, practicing drama, writing for this blog, and even *trying* to get some violin time in there. My camera hasn't been very active lately, and I've been doing about 2% photography in the past couple weeks, but the other day I turned my camera on and found all these pictures I had taken in January! 🙂

Have fun looking through siblings, portraits, and my hand at free-lensing again!

This is what makes my sisters special <3

Mickey Mozart & Hunter <3

Ham face 🤣

I can never keep them all still!!! 😅

Big + 'lil bro 


She calls this one 'winded.' Not really sure why, but it sure is character inspiration for my books!

A... she should be called Blue Eyes II ! 😍


Celebrated this dude's 11th birthday on Jan. 29. What a funny kid, my only 'serious' portrait of him 😅

His Harry Potter cake! Here's the tutorial for that here. (Read here about his birthday last year here

Do you like taking pictures of your siblings?
How many winter birthdays do you have in your family? :)

Hadassah <3

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