6 Tips For Photographing Boys & Guys

Boys are one of my hardest subjects. If you have brothers or guy friends, or even a husband, you know what I am talking about- no matter how old, guys (and sometimes girls too) generally hate having their picture taken.

The answer I finally got was that (older) guys generally believe girls are visually interesting to look at- and they're not. Their hair, their smile, their white teeth and seemingly perfect makeup (obviously it's not always true 😉), and guys believe they're either ugly or they're just too embarrassed to be hung on the wall, put in the family album, or put on Instagram. It's all true.

Today I wanted to share with you the best tips for getting your subject to stop giving you a glare or being totally uptight around your camera. 😆

Free-lensing with my brother 😉

  1. Let them pick the spot where you're going to shoot- otherwise they might think your spot is "too girly."
  2. Make sure you have some funny jokes ready. The best shots are guys laughing and letting themself go. 😋 (With littler guys, ask them questions and make silly noises!)
  3. Let them be themselves. If you're photographing the 4-12 boy age, you're going to see some silliness- and for every silly face they make, make sure you ask them to make a serious or regular smile. Otherwise your shoot will be wasted and the parents aren't going to be very happy with 100% silliness lol. 😂
  4. Make sure you have poses ready. Guys don't know what to do with themselves behind a camera. They'll either be nervous and uptight or silly and not serious. Give them some easy poses and they'll feel more relaxed.
  5. Bribe them. Especially with little boys, I'll be ready and carry a little toy or treat. With older guys, make sure to remind them that they'll need good pictures of themself or their history will be lost. Who's going to carry on the good-looking family name? 😂
  6. Praise them. Even if your shoot didn't go as planned, always make sure you have a good attitude and a positive smile. Praising the 3-7 age always helps- little boys live on praises and pleasure.
Also, for younger boys, make sure you're ready to run! Little guys are cute... except when they won't sit still. Give them something visually interesting to look at, or bribe them with a toy they've never seen. 😊

Hope these tips help!! 💙

Hadassah <3


  1. Oh my goodness! These tips are so helpful Dassah! I always have such a hard time taking pictures of my brothers and cousins! 90% of the pictures I have of my older brother and my older cousin they are either making a strange (boy) face or hiding behind something. (They only time they ever look *coughcough* pleasant in a picture is when they don't know the picture is being taken) These tips were so helpful!! Thanks so much for sharing them!

    1. You're welcome Ruthie!! Haha, yep, I do the same thing with my brothers, *cough* *cough* xD

  2. Great tips!! I have three brothers and sometimes I like to take pictures of them. So I'll have to use these tips. thanks

    Lily @ lilymaesday.blogspot.com


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