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Hi everyone!

I've gotten a few new followers lately, so I'd thought I'd share some of my best work with you all.
Over the past two years, I've really grown with my photography skills, and I wanted to share all of my best work. Some of my readers probably see some of the same images used on my blog a lot, but one thing that I love to do with my photography is use it as stock images. It's one of the most loved thing that photographers love about themselves I suppose; free stock images from your own camera! 😂

I love when my readers say, "I love copying your images, and trying to get the same results on my own camera!"
I LOVE that! I absolutely do not mind if you guys want to try to get the same results on your camera! If you want me to critique your work, send me an email! The email is found on my "Use of Photos," page. 😘

What do you like to do with your images?

Hadassah <3


  1. WOW!! What wonderful photos, Dass!! As always, I'm a huge fan of the spider web picture!! It's just so magical and captivating!! The sunset picture is simply gorgeous and very serene!! Keep up the LOVELY work!!

    Caroline K.

    1. Thanks Caroline!! Maybe I should frame a copy for you and give it to you on Christmas :D

      Oops, pretend you didn't read that! ;)

      Hadassah <3


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