Latest Work + Updates On Life || 6/9/18

Oh boy. I haven't posted since May 15th. It's June 8th- no, 9th, and you're probably wondering, 'where has she been??'

I've been busy, y'all. Life has its ups and downs, and right now, I'm on a roller coaster. May  went by super quickly, with tons of graduation parties, errands, and things that occupy my life. We might be moving, but we're not sure. I might not able to do my usual soccer this summer or drama, but we're not sure.
I'm still praying and not losing hope in God's Will. But this past year has been full of a lot of change, and I'm sure you've noticed I've changed.

I know that's no excuse to leave y'all hanging. I love my readers, and I so want to get back to blogging. I've been running this blog lately, which totally takes up all my blogging time!
But I love photography, and I've been still taking pictures lately. So I'll give you some of my latest work 💗💕

(oh, BTW, I visited the Ark in KY!! I had so much fun taking pictures of it Î )

I took some photos of my sister in bed for nap! It was fun to experiment with window lighting and black and white!

Picture #2

#7 of all of us, she's a cutie, isn't she? 

#5, #6, and #7. I love them so much... and they love color, don't they? 😀

Spring has left us and summer has arrived, hasn't it? I am praying for all the people already evacuating from wildfires, floods, and volcanoes (okay, I guess that's just Hawaii), since it's that time of year again.

Thank you all for being around for me. You're my sunshine!! 🌻 🌞 😎


Hadassah <3


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