(Not Almost) Summer Portraits!

Whew. It's officially summer. And Ohio has had 100% rain for the past two weeks. Okay, that may be stretching it. But it's been raining nearly every. single. day. The 'first day of summer' was pouring rain.

I love the rain, but when you're cooped up inside and have nothing to do... you lose your inspiration. Including blogging.

But a few days before Father's Day and on Father's Day, I got some really good portraits and fun movement shots while we were at the park- and I was so happy! I have been seldom taking pictures lately, but I hope to change that 😉

Her face xD

BOKEHHHH #hearteyes

I really wanted to do drama this year, since I had so much fun doing Aladdin Jr. this past April and everything that came with it. But... we might be moving. So I'm not sure if I'm going to get that chance.

God's really been speaking to me lately. You know that dream I had to become a photographer after I graduated? Well... God all of a sudden has put it on my heart to be a missionary. I read "Daring to Hope," by Katie Davis Majors and was incredibly blown away. And then I read "Kisses From Katie," before she was married and was even more blown away.

So please pray for me. My family might be moving, and I don't know where God is leading me right now. 💕

But I am looking forward to lots of fun stuff this summer, including the soccer I've been doing since I was 6! So yayyyyy!! 😁

Fill in the blank: 'summer is for...' in the comments below!