Changes & Photographs

Hey all! First of all, thank you so much for following my blog. I've kinda let it go lately, and that is totally unfair to you all! I know you miss my weekly posts, and moreover, my photographs. <3

Also, very sorry about how long you had to wait to see your comments published on my last post! Thank you so very much for commenting! Blogger hasn't been very good at notifying me that your comments were waiting on my 4th of July post!! ☹️ I enjoyed reading them very much, but again, Blogger wouldn't let me respond back to you all! Hello to you all dear girls though! 😍💗

I took out my camera after a while of absence, and was totally amazed at how much I forgot I loved my 1.8 and how much I love summerrr!! Autumn's always been at the top of my list, but summer comes next I think 😉 Enjoy these photos!

Chickens! Loving my 1.8 (f-stop number)

We had a litter of kittens born in May, but they're super skittish so it's hard to photograph them :P 

Self-portraits have always been a fav. This is my comfy-go-to look ;)

Flowers... loving the color of this!

LOVING TIHS PORTRAIT! I think this is my favorite portrait ever! 😍

No they're not twins... just sisters w/ matching dresses! 😍

Miss Hockey Mouth 😉

Loving this portrait of Blue Eyes too! 😍

I know I said last post I was going through a lot of change. Things have mellowed down for now, and I am still praying about being a missionary. THANK YOU so much for your support!! ❤️❤️❤️💙💚💜💛

Are you enjoying your summer?

Hadassah <3


  1. Lovely photos! I've always struggled with portraits, but yours look amazing! What's the secret?

    Blogger has been acting weird for me too! It doesn't notify me when I get new comments. Although I have been able to respond to comments.

    1. Practice makes perfect is my secret!! I practice whenever I can! Plus you have to have an open mind and creativity + imagination <3


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