How I Do It All (LOL!)

Caption of my Instagram post the other day: 

Someone asked me yesterday how can I manage all that I do. Like how can I be learning how to play the violin, I published a book, praying about being a missionary, I am in a musical, blog, do all the photography stuff, and still run my life functionally and organized-ly? With eight siblings (and one on the way) and in a small house on a farm + being homeschooled, even over summers?? I laughed and grinned when I read the comment. First off, I can't do ANY of that without Jesus Christ being there for me 1000% percent of the day- and He is, and I can ALWAYS count on Him to catch me and hear me when I call. 💕 Never would I doubt He would put me through something without showing me the reason why... even though that REASON may come years later. 🌸
Second, I am very grateful that God gave me organizational skills!! When I was little, I used to never PLAY with my dollhouse... I'd dump everything out and rearrange it! 😂 Even my brother's toys got rearranged by colors and size etc. etc. I've always been one of the most organized people in the house. Not that my Mom's a slob (she wrote a book about housekeeping LOL! Go look up "Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers."), but she's got a lot on her plate all the time for cooking and cleaning and everything she does for the eight of us at home, and soon to be nine! 💓 
Playing the violin, being in another musical, blogging (I run @joyfullyyougals!! 💜), and writing/publishing is things I love to do!! It does take some courage sometimes, but this year, I've decided I'm going to live a fearless life ... AND NOT TO MENTION PHOTOGRAPHY! Photography is what I'm absolutely 100% passionate about... everything about photography! 
So yeah. I wouldn't be writing without you guys! You all are awesome. 340+ followers always makes me smile, and I thank Jesus that I can encourage y'all! Whew. Speaking of all of this, I have to go blog... but I do want to say that auditions for my musical went really well today, though I won't know what part I got until next Friday 👏 Quick note: Go check out my latest adventure in my bio! You don't want to miss it! 😉

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What a post! I had to try to write that post ten times before I could publish it... I had written to much! My life's been crazy lately, LOL! My mom's expecting baby #10 in March (prayers appreciated!!) and I went to go audition for a new musical, Princess Whatsername, with the same drama group from last year (I did Aladdin Jr. with them last year). Auditions went well, and we (my brothers auditioned with me) had callbacks this morning! So I'm very excited to see where that goes.

Being on Instagram has helped me a lot with my groove for writing and just being part of a community! I've met so many amazing people (some in person through Insta!) and just felt like God was   is putting these people in my lives right now to help me grow as a person and through my faith.
Even though my life's busy, I get to see how God is using me and other people right now. This season of my life has been hectic and chaotic, but at the end of the day, I get to reflect and relax (usually LOL!) on what's been going on. My prayers have turned into praises and prayers... and sometimes I don't finish them for a full fifteen minutes! 😂

So excited to see where God is going to use me this rest of the year. All the friends I've made... and still praying about being a missionary in Uganda, yes.

The latest adventure I mentioned was my book! I announced that in my last post, and I am so excited to go on this journey of being an author! Thank you all to everyone who's already bought a copy!! 🌵 (Want to check it out? Look HERE)


Hadassah <3

P.S. Find me on Instagram @photobloggergal, and if you wish to hear from me more often, I run this blog over HERE! 


  1. You're so cute! Sounds like you have a busy busy life- which sounds so fun! <3


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