Autumn Came Early || 9.11.18

Autumn came early. And I am sooooo sooooooo excited!! As many of you know, fall is my absolute favorite season, and I love everything about it, haha! The smell of the leaves, smoke, and warm layers... pumpkins, apple cider, hot chocolate, Thanksgiving, and above all, my birthday in November! Who doesn't like autumn? It's so... warming. <3

My family doesn't celebrate everything about Halloween, but we do dress up and go trick-or-treating with very close family friends of ours, so I am definitely excited about that. I am very excited to show you what we all are dressing up as this year later! If you missed the post from last Halloween, you can find it here. 😉

Right now though, I want to show you some pictures I took the other day, when it was warm and before Hurricane Gordon somehow came all the way up here to Ohio! Not that I'm complaining... so gloriously COOL outside! 🍁🍂

Mr. Mickey Mozart... he got so big so fast!

LOVE THIS ONE! He's just so hopelessly cute!
 I have been working on a super special project soon, and I hope to get it up and going some point this year! I know I've said that a lot... LOL. But it's true. I know I just published a book and I started school and my life has been CRAZY... but this project will help fund my hopeful missionary dreams. ♥️ Okay, I'm giving out to much already... moving on! 😂

Autumn came early... 

After it rained yesterday...

We have the most adorable kittens out in our barn right now! There's three black and whites, one gray, and two blacks, and they are so friendly and cute! Out of all six, there's three boys and three girls. 🐱

I must go, as usual 😂. I do want to say that today is America's most heartsore days, and my heart goes out to all the people who knew someone who lost their life in 9/11, seventeen years ago today in the terrorist attacks. Thank you to everyone who is serving our country and who has served. 💗 Signing off! 

Did autumn come early for you too?


Hadassah <3


  1. I'm so completely excited for autumn! so far only a few things have turned red but it's still really hot here. Oh well <3
    I too, want to be a missionary in just a few years. Seek Jesus with your whole heart and you won't go wrong! It's so exciting seeing other teens out there with noble dreams, all my best wishes!! xx

    1. Aw, thanks Paige! Your comment made me smile. I hope you will keep your dream in front of you as well. It's so encouraging to hear about other teens with the same dreams as I as well! <3


  2. Hadassah,
    I enjoyed reading this post--yay for Autumn (even if I am a big summer fan! ;)
    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your book and definitley hope you write more in the future!! I recently found your blog from my friend, Hannah, at!

    1. Aw, thank you Annie! I write a lot, so I hope to publish another one in the future, yes!! That's so awesome; I love the blogging community!



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