Halloween || 2018!

Hey y'all! 

Just popping in to share some Halloween photos from last week. Things have definitely changed since last year- my eldest brother is in college now (U.C.), and we've all changed so much! 

From left to right: Elliot from E.T., Dutch Girl, Spider, Anna from FROZEN (me!), Tinker Bell, Snow White, and Spider-Man (Homecoming)... and my older brother got in there as an unruly teenager, haha! 

We actually thrifted my costume, but we could tell someone had hand-made it! I am wearing vintage gloves from an antique store. ☺️

Miss Spider Girl! 🕷 (loving her hockey mouth! Seven is a great age for losing ALL of her teeth, LOL!)

The five (soon to be six!) sisters!

I cannot believe I will be FOURTEEN tomorrow (the 6th)! I am so excited to celebrate my birthday, and then on Wednesday I will be going to a Pride and Prejudice Christmas show in Cincinnati with my grandma, aunt, and cousin! 
Also good news: the worker men finished the reno on our garage! So we have been painting every night trying to get the trim and paint done before the COLD weather hits. I will be hopefully updating you all soon on my birthday etc.!

Hadassah <3

P.S. I usually don't ask, but I'd appreciate any prayers for my family right now. My mom is on bedrest pretty much until the baby girl (baby no.10) arrives in February or early March, so it's been hard being the eldest girl around here! 😬😂


  1. Y'all are all super cute!!! <<<<3333
    Happy Birthday! How does it feel to be 14 so far? I'm turning 15 in April I'm super excited for it! (I'm excited to always get a year older so why change now Lol)
    I'm so sorry for your mom! I hope she doesn't have to stay there the whole time (3 months would be too long for me! Lol)

    1. It feels amazing! Aw, that's great! I love feeling older :D Yes, I hope so too! 3 months- man, I'd go crazyyy!!
      <3 Hadassah

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girly!!!! I'll definitely be praying for y'all and your mom! I totally know how you feel, I'm the oldest girl here and things are tough with moms pregnancy. But only 3 more wks hopefully, until baby #11 ❤️
    Prayers, and happy birthday again!

    1. Thank you sweet Paige!! Aw, I hope everything goes well with baby #11! Totally with you! Thanks for the kind words! I had a wonderful birthday! <3 Hadassah

  3. All of your costumes were so creative!! :) I hope you had a lovely birthday!! I look forward to hearing about it in a post. :) That sounds like such a special time with your Aunt, Grandma and Cousin! I'll definitely be praying!!
    P.S --I tagged you here: https://anniewritessite.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/tags-recaps-goals/ Feel free to call it the "Hello November Tag." ;)

  4. Hello Hadassah, prayers for mom, baby, and you! My mom had to be on bedrest for 10 weeks, I think, with my youngest sister, and I'm the oldest, so I feel you for sure. Praying God gives you strength.
    Also, I love your name. It's so pretty!

    1. Aw thanks Lillian!! <3 Your name is pretty too! I always loved the name Lillian!


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