A Walk in the Woods // Birds & Self-Portraiture

I recently discovered our neighbor's marsh... and ahhh, it's so peaceful! Our neighbor is the kindest in letting us go tromping through it, and I can't believe I just discovered it after living on our farm for almost six years. 
It's not the kind of marsh you think of- it's not buggy or wet... more like a clearing in the woods with lots of singing birds and wild rabbits.

It's amazing for photography (and reading Jane Austen), and lately I've been going there in the late afternoons with my camera just to BREATHE.

I love this photo... it was golden hour, and I happened to glance over through the thick pine trees- -and saw this rabbit just sitting there in the marsh. Well, of course I named him Peter, but I think I've named all the rabbits 'Peter' now, that are in there. 😂

So many gorgeous cardinals around our house lately! This one was very curious at to what I held in my hands. 

I went on Sunday afternoon (right before it rained) to capture some self portraits in the marsh... I love wearing whimsical milkmaid braids lately... and the colors of this portrait are just ahhh... 😍

These portraits were not taken in the marsh, but I just love them + had to add some sunshine in here! This gorgeous bush bloomed a few weeks ago. Willa Jane was very fascinated with the little pink petals. 

What's been your biggest blessing lately? 



  1. Your photos are lovely. The self portrait is gorgeous. You are a beautiful young lady. God Bless. Stay well and safe.

    1. Thank you Marilyn! Stay well and safe yourself too. <3

  2. I love the picture of the rabbit! You have gotten really good at photography!

    1. Aw, thank you Beth!! <3 You are the sweetest.


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