Class of 2020 // Senior Photoshoot


Because of COVID craziness, my older brother's graduation party got moved to this month- so we decided to shoot his senior photos this month as well.
 I and one of my best friends (he's also a photographer) got together one Sunday afternoon and went to a nearby cemetery to do the shoot. (I was more of the second shooter this time ;)

And I know that cemeteries aren't usually normal places to shoot senior photos, but this little cemetery is right near our house and it had so many pretty little spots to work with! 

This spot was a pretty little road nearby. E had him climb up on the guard rail, haha! 

Ack, I love these ones so much! I'm definitely keeping this little backroad in mind for later photoshoots. 

Which one's your favorite? ;)

// hadassah //


  1. Definitely love the ones on the backroad!! Awesome pictures!


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